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Hot Date Check List

There is nothing quite like a hot date! If we really like the man in question, we can feel a real 'school girl' excitement about seeing him, complete with butterflies, stomach flips, and daydreaming. We hate to admit it but we do count down the days - and we do imagine how it will turn out. And this is why we have to have everything so perfect when the time comes.

Before a date, it is important to feel comfortable and relaxed with how you are. You will want to look as good as you can as to boost your own confidence levels, so it important to give yourself the care and attention beforehand that you would want him to give you during your date. After all, looking after yourself is a priority when you are ready to start looking for someone to spend your time with.

So what are all of the things we should do before a date? What are the little things that make us feel that little bit more confident? that little bit more sexy? World of Venus has compiled a list of all of the things you might want to pay attention to before your hopefully explosive date (which might very well be your first but could also be your second, third or fourth!). If you manage to check every box, you will feel fantastic!

Things To Do Before A Hot Date...

The Day Before:

Wax: If your preferred method of hair removal is waxing, you should take care of this the night before your date. Your skin may be very sensitive and red afterwards, so it is advisable to this several hours before your date. After waxing you may need to look over your skin and remove any stray hairs with a pair of tweezers.

Eyebrows: Groom eyebrows as usual. Area should be allowed to settle down for several hours, as may be red and sensitive after tweezing.

Nails: Regardless of whether you have long or short nails, you should pay attention to them. It is a fact that men notice hands and nails and dirty, bitten nails are known to be less attractive than those which are clean and nicely shaped. Spend some time cleaning your nails and cuticles thoroughly. Shape them with a nail file, taking off any bitty edges if you are a nail biter! Lastly, either paint them or coat them in a clear varnish, which will make them look glossy and healthy. Also ensure your toe nails are groomed and polished.

Outfit: Choose your outfit! Ensure it is clean, ironed and smelling nice. The last thing you want is to be late for your date due to your favourite outfit being at the bottom of the laundry pile.

Jewellery: Do not overdo the jewellery and accessories. Choose something which compliments your outfit, adds a bit of shimmer, but does not draw too much attention. Also, do not buy new jewellery in anticipation of this date incase you suffer an allergic reaction. Wear the items for a few hours prior to ensure your skin reacts well.

Choose Shoes: The same applies here as with the jewellery: new shoes may rub and blister your feet. Choose shoes which you know fit well and are comfortable (though not too comfortable as we all know pain is beauty!).

Contraception: Whether this is the first date or not, you should always be prepared. We all have our 'no sex on the first date' rules but it doesn't hurt to ensure you are equipped for every possible turn of events. Condoms are a must!

Hours Before:

Cleanse and Exfoliate: Ensure all loose skin is removed from your face AND your legs, paying special attention to your knees.

Wash Hair: Give your hair a thorough shampoo and conditioner. Style as normal (try not to try anything new incase of disaster).

Shave: If shaving is your chosen method of hair removal, shave all necessary body parts. Take special care not to nick. After shaving, you may choose to apply an aftershave lotion, which cools the skin and prevents any soreness.

Moisturise: Make your skin look and feel smooth by applying an all-over moisturiser. Again, do not use something you haven't before to ensure you do not break out in spots or have an allergic reaction! Johnsons Baby Oil is very gentle to your skin and leaves a nice, soft feel (but a little goes a long way).

Dry Hair: Dry your hair before applying your make-up. This will ensure that your hair dries as it should and allows you to match your make-up to your normal hair colour, instead of the darker, wet colour.

Get Dressed: Dress yourself before applying your make-up or you may cover your top in cosmetics. Face powders are difficult to budge from clothes unless wetted. The same applies to deodorants.

Apply Make-up: Do so in the usual way. Experimenting at this stage may result in disaster! Stick to your usual brands / products. Wear darker make-up for an evening date.

Scent: Make an effort to smell nice! Men really notice when a woman smells nice - and it feels empowering and feminine to smell good. Dab a little behind your eyes and a little on your wrists. Try to avoid contact with your clothes as some perfumes can leave grease-looking stains.

These tips should have you looking and feeling confident with yourself when you are out with your man of desire! But remember - these things are to make you feel good about yourself and not to win him over; if he is worth having, he will love your date-state no matter what!