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Your Body: Skin

We have all at one point been guilty of neglecting the care of our skin. However, there is always a chance of you making the changes to your skincare routine now and banishing those imperfections leaving you feeling smooth-faced and confident. Just follow my simple tips below.

Make sure you cleanse at least once daily, better yet, twice. Try using Pure Deep Pore Wash from Garnier RRP £3.39. The formula exfoliates and cleanses which helps to prevent blackheads from appearing.

Using toner after cleansing twice daily does a lot for your skin. It helps to open up and clean pores while minimising them. Try Soothing Tone from Simple RRP £3.25.

Moisturise: Twice daily after cleanse and tone. It's a good way to keep your skin hydrated and feeling smooth. Try Pure, a daily treatment from Garnier, RRP £4.49. Apply it before make-up is put on and after it has been taken off. Leaves skin purified.

Always remove your make up:
Make sure that every night before you go to sleep all of your make-up is removed. Not doing this equals bad news for your skin as it clogs up your pores. Try Pure Deep Cleansing wipes from Garnier RRP £3.39 to quickly and easily remove your day make-up ready for your night face; great to take with you on an over-night stay.

Spot guide:
Not know when to squeeze and when to leave...?

Red: Leave alone.
Yellow: Squeeze away.
Green: See your GP