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The World of Venus columnists work continuously to bring new and refreshing articles to their columns for the benefit of their readers. From here, you can explore each individual column, read the many features, subscribe to your favourite columnists and get to know them on their individual pages.

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The Fairytale
By Hayley
Are our relationships meeting our childhood expectations?
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By Samantha Josephine
A look at some of the more popular aphrodisiacs!
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Hot Date Check List
By Hayley
All you'll ever need to know for that perfect date!
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Ex Marks The Spot
By Hayley
Why are we expected to leave our relationships in tatters?
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Hayley's Column

Since the beginning of World of Venus, Hayley has been our lead columnist. Each week she writes new and refreshing articles, all covering thoughts of interest with a fresh spin. Her words are deeply written with sincerity and humour. While some of her editorials raise a smile, others are thought-provoking and raise questions. Either way, her column offers something for every woman on the planet and aims to keep you coming back for more!

Hayley's column allows you to rate each article or subscribe to her individual newsletter. From time to time, you will also be able to take part in polls, competitions and more - so ensure you visit regularly!

A note from our columnist:

"Thank you for taking the time to visit! I hope you will enjoy my little anecdotes and visit regularly. I am always writing new and exciting articles and even a monthly newsletter for my readers. Look out for my free downloads and printable articles, created to help you through every-day life!"

Samantha's Column

Samantha is our youngest columnist, working in mind of a young audience. Her aim is to write articles on topics that are of interest and use to young women who may need advice, information or guidance, with and around relationships.

Samantha writes her column on a part-time basis but provides editorials which are insightful and experienced, as well as informative and honest. Each topic is written with frank advice and opinions, reiterating her passion for living with high values and morals.

Each article can be rated and Samantha's column also enables her readers to subscribe, keeping all fans informed of updates and newly written pieces.

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